Medic 154-2 is a 2010 Ford F-450 Horton Type 1 ambulance. It was custom designed with an inverted patient compartment layout with the bench seat located on the driver's side of the vehicle. It carries a full complement of advanced life support equipment and supplies.

Medic 154-3 is a 2004 International chassis with a Horton ambulance package.

Medic 155-4 is a 2007 Ford E-350 / Horton Ambulance. It carries a full complement of Advanced Life Support equipment and supplies.

Medic 155-7 is a 2006 Ford E-350 / Horton Ambulance and is almost identical to Medic 4.

Medic 154-5 is a 2011 Ford E-350 / Horton Type III ambulance. It is the newest vehicle in our fleet, and takes advantage of newer technologies, such as LED lighting. It is configured to provide advanced life support.

Car 154-1 is a 2001 Ford Explorer that is used by our officers as a command vehicle. This vehicle responds to high priority incidents such as mass casualty incidents and structural fires. It is outfitted with an AED and an assortment of basic life support medical supplies. It also contains incident command and mass casualty management equipment.